10 of Best Universities for Blockchain Courses


As blockchain skills continue to be desired in today’s job market, several universities will implement and teach these skills to incoming students, and make them job-ready, when it comes to blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies.

There’s no doubt that blockchain is revolutionizing almost every industry when it comes to today’s economy. Now, universities worldwide are taking up the notion that blockchain is destined to be the next generation of how we run the economy at a grander scale.

According to the Accounting Degree Review, blockchain is transforming technology as we know it, as more tech publications are drawing more attention to it, and more investors are looking more towards that direction. As a result, some of the most prestigious universities are adapting blockchain courses into their curriculum, so that more students can learn about this sought-after knowledge.

So, when it comes to learning blockchain, here are 10 universities to consider.

University of…

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