Alert: Token Teams Are Being Targeted By Fake Kraken Employees


Kraken has identified an active scam targeting the cryptocurrency community in which malicious actors are using fake identities to pose as members of our token listing team. 

Cryptocurrency teams that use LinkedIn and Telegram should be on high alert, as these efforts appear to be targeting users of these social networks. 

Example email associated with the scam.

If you were contacted by Liz Cohen, Darin Zumberi or Jing Kang – note: these are NOT Kraken employees, but rather puppet accounts used by the perpetrators. 

Example social media profile identified in this scam.

In the event any of these individuals contact you, they may request your email or else access this information via LinkedIn or Telegram. In most of the cases we’ve reviewed, the email will be sent from a Punycode domain that appears to be associated with Kraken. 

Example of a Punycode email address. The Ks are cyrilic alphabet characters not ISO basic Latin alphabet characters.  

To protect…

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