Best Safe and Reliable EOS Wallets to Use in 2021


EOS cryptocurrency stands firmly in the list of top cryptos ranked by market capitalization. Being a worthy investment instrument, EOS aims to bring decentralization to masses by providing blockchain-based social networks like Voice or enabling the community to govern the network in an open and transparent manner. The EOS state even has its own constitution while the spirit of libertarianism is not an empty promise within the community. 

If you decide to buy EOS in order to enhance your crypto portfolio, then you probably think about a safe place to store the cryptocurrency. We’ve gathered 13 digital wallets to store EOS in 2021, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Here we go. 

What Is EOS Wallet?

EOS wallet is a place to store EOS coins. There are several types of wallets that can be a safe option for EOS storage.

Hot Wallet

Basically, a hot wallet is a software program that allows you to keep crypto coins in one place. A hot wallet can also be referred to as…

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