Bitcoin Approaches Price Discovery, All-Time Highs After Touching $18,800


Bitcoin price still continues to climb despite seven solid weeks of positive price momentum. Whether or not the cryptocurrency has already returned to price discovery mode or not, is debatable.

But even if it isn’t, this latest push has brought the first-ever cryptocurrency to its final resistance level before setting a new record. When the all-time high is cleared, there will be no stopping FOMO from flooding the space once again and sending Bitcoin to astronomical prices.

Bitcoin Bulls Push To $18,000: Why This Is The Last Resistance Before A New Record

Bitcoin price action continues to heat up, at this point nearly rising in a straight line upward. The leading cryptocurrency by market cap hasn’t experienced much for a correction the entire ascent but has approached the final resistance level prior to setting a new peak.

Will that new all-time high be set before the month, week, or even day is over? Or will this resistance level be enough to…

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