Bitcoin News Summary – March 30, 2020


Binance exchange is bringing a new crypto debit card, called Binance Card, to market. While the card currently exists virtually, it will soon be available in plastic form. The card can be funded with either Bitcoin or Binance’s own exchange currency, Binance Coin. The card will be issued by Visa, making it usable just about everywhere in the world, whether on or off-line.

Major crypto exchange, Bitfinex, dropped numerous minor altcoin trading pairs from its platform. While no altcoins were delisted entirely, 87 different trade combinations: for example, the market for exchanging Euro for Verge, have been discontinued.

Software giant Microsoft recently filed a patent for a new type of blockchain. Like Bitcoin, it uses Proof of Work mining but instead of machines performing the work, the human mind and body is the source of hashpower. By connecting participants to…

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