Coinbase Custody Reveals Coins Up For Potential Support


Coinbase Custody, a subsidiary of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has announced a set of coins and digital assets it is set to provide custody support for provided regulatory approved in defined jurisdictions permit.

As revealed by the company, the announcement for the coins is in its bid to expand on its custody coin listings, a move to solidify its position as the leader in the industry.

The journey through the events and activities in the cryptosphere most times is best experienced with an individual or a veteran with trusted experiences and safety that can guarantee one would not get burned by the volatilities and the scam ridden nature of the space. The risk of owning cryptocurrency assets may even be described as outrightly more profound than keeping custody of it. One may get shut out of any wallet holding one’s assets if the passwords are forgotten while keeping custody of the same in an unsafe custody service provider may result in a hack.

The need to give crypto-asset…

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