Massive spike in network activity helps drive Chainlink (LINK) price higher

Chainlink’s intense uptrend seen throughout the past several weeks has allowed LINK to set fresh all-time highs once again. The cryptocurrency rallied as high as $6.50 before facing some

This Single Price Level Could Make Bitcoin’s Price Action “Nasty”: Analyst

Stepping back from the recent volatility, Bitcoin remains in macro limbo. The leading cryptocurrency has not deviated from a 7% range over the past two to three weeks and

Bitcoin Explained in Simple Terms | by The Capital | The Capital | Jul, 2020

Bitcoin is a new type of money. A money that isn’t controlled by any single entity. A money that was born out of the frustration of the banking and

Correlation Between Bitcoin Price and Stocks Reaches a New All-Time High

Lately, Bitcoin price has been showing record-high levels of correlation with traditional markets and on July 9 the correlation between the S&P 500 and BTC reached a new all-time

Unless Bitcoin Breaks Through These 2 Levels, a Crash to $7,000 Is “Logical”

After attempting to rally through $9,500 this week, Bitcoin failed to sustain its bullish momentum yet again. As of this article’s writing, the leading cryptocurrency trades for $9,200, having

Kraken Daily Market Report for July 10 2020

Overview Total trading volume at $143.1 million, which is on par with the weekly average of $140.1 million. There was heavy trading with XBT/EUR mid-day UTC that was not

China: $15 million Ethereum scam ends in Ferrari showdown

A scam involving fake crypto exchange tokens, fast sports-cars, and mansions had all the ingredients of a Hollywood thriller—minus the bad guys going scot-free in the end. This week,

This Technical Indicator is Signaling Bitcoin Could Soon Reel Towards $5,000

Bitcoin recently faced a rejection at $9,500 that appears to be a grim sign for its macro outlook The cryptocurrency has since reeled back within its long-held trading range

As Bitcoin’s Volatility Hits Historic Lows, Traders are Eyeing a Move to $13,000

All of Bitcoin’s recent volatility has occurred within a relatively tight trading range between $9,000 and $10,000. There have been a few occasions in which the cryptocurrency has broken

Your Passwords Could Be For Sale on the Dark Web Right Now

A recent study revealed that over 15 billion credentials are in circulation via the dark web, representing a 300% increase since 2018. Available information ranges from network access credentials,