Best Safe and Reliable EOS Wallets to Use in 2021

EOS cryptocurrency stands firmly in the list of top cryptos ranked by market capitalization. Being a worthy investment instrument, EOS aims to bring decentralization to masses by providing blockchain-based

Bitcoin Posts Massive 10% Drop as Altcoins Consolidate; What Analysts are Saying

Bitcoin has seen some immensely bearish price action throughout the past few days, with sellers gaining full control of its price action This has caused buyers to lose their

DeFi on Cardano will enable users to earn yield on staked ADA

Once Cardano’s Goguen era is launched, users will be able to earn additional yield on their ADA without having to unstake their funds. Liqwid Finance, a DeFi solution built

Kraken Adds GBP and AUD Trading Pairs for 14 New Assets

  As we further our expansion into markets that have substantial potential for growth, Kraken is more than doubling the number of trading pairs available to clients using both

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While we are less than one month into 2021, the year is already proving to be a historic one for cryptocurrency. After Bitcoin reached a new all-time high over

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Bitcoin has fallen below $35,000, and while given the asset’s recent highs sounds like a sizable correction, the price per BTC is still nearly 1000% higher than where it

PayPal and Venmo. What’s it all about? | by Joseph Liebreich | The Capital

There has been an explosion of ways to pay our bills and to transfer money between accounts. Before computers, we used to look for our checkbook and pen. Write

Sweden is working with DLT for its CBDC proof-of-concept

Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs, were the talk of the town for many in crypto and banking in 2020, with Sweden’s prospective e-krona one of the frontrunners. Sweden’s

Token Gains Over 1700% in Price

CUDOS commenced trading on the 12th of January, and since then, it has seen favorable price action, pointing towards a positive long-term future for the token price.  Cudo was

Here’s why this crypto bull run may be different

Is there any doubt that we are in the early stages of a crypto bull run? Pick a metric, any metric, and chances are it points to that. For