The Future of Cryptocurrency – What Are the Hurdles and How Might They be Overcome?

Since their inception in 2009, cryptocurrencies have set out with their ambitious target of toppling the fiat banking system. The elusive father of Bitcoin went so far as to

GM Stock Up 1%, General Motors to Execute Its EV Plan with Affordable Chevy Bolt

The Bolt EV will have a starting price of $31,995 compared to the $33,995 starting price of the new 2022 Bolt Utility Vehicle.  General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) to

Tether’s Message to Extortionist Demanding 500 BTC: “We Are Not Paying”

Stablecoin issuer Tether (USDT) has allegedly received a ransom note demanding 500 Bitcoin (BTC). The note’s author claims that if Tether does not pay up, he or she will

NBA Partners with Dapper Labs for Its Own Version of Digital Collectible NFTs

NBA Top Shots has become a major sensation for the baseball fans who are bidding huge amounts for digital collectibles (in video forms) uploaded by NBA players. Dapper Labs’

Andreesen Horowitz invests in scaling Ethereum | by Titus | The Capital | Feb, 2021

Major investor Andreesen Horowitz has participated in a promising scaling solution for Ethereum. The fact that Ethereum is bursting at the seams is not new. But due to the

Breaking Down Square’s Bitcoin (BTC) Position

The recent push to the $1 trillion bitcoin market cap can at least be partially attributed to institutional investors; firms investing on the behalf of others or as part

Bitcoin sell-off over? Strong ‘buy the dip’ signal flashes for the first time in 5 months

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped to the key $44,000-$45,000 support level on Feb. 28 for the third time in the past week. BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp).

Kraken Daily Market Report for February 27 2021

Overview Total spot trading volume at $1.43 billion, down from the 30-day average of $2.1 billion. Total futures notional at $388.7 million. The top five traded coins were, respectively,

Top 3 reasons why bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices are on the rise | by MA | The Capital | Feb, 2021

Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are now being considered as safe-haven assets against market volatility and inflation. The current societal and economic climate also

NBA Top Shot Records $1.05M with New Release

Dapper Lab’s NBA Top Shot is on its way to be the lead in the whole digital collectible ecosystem. Dapper Labs’ surging project NBA Top Shot, has just let