Nearly a Year After Libra’s Launch, Fake Libra Token Scams Persist

The advent of the Libra Association lit a fire around the world: for the first time, lawmakers seemed to be taking cryptocurrency seriously; many thought that Libra would be

Bitcoin decouples from stock market as Fed Chairman offers grim economic outlook

This Exchange News was brought to you by OKCoin, our preferred Exchange Partner. The traditional markets have seen a notable downturn today that has led them to erase the

Crypto Criminals Are Still Trying to Dump Thousands of Ethereum From a 2019 Hack

In November, Upbit, a popular Korean crypto asset exchange, lost $50 million worth of Ethereum, 342,000 ETH coins, from the exchange hot wallet in a seeming hack. It was

Daily Market Report for May 13 2020

May 13 2020 KRAKEN DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE $257M traded across all markets today Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP  BTC $9,165 ↑3.91% $203M ETH $196.9 ↑3.93% $26.9M USDT $1.00 →0.00% $9.61M XRP $0.2017 ↑2.12% $3.43M BCH $237.4 ↑1.66% $2.87M LTC $43.11 ↑2.18% $2.21M XLM $0.0701 ↑0.81% $1.94M XTZ $2.56 ↑1.19% $1.71M XMR $65.5 ↑6.74% $1.57M ADA $0.0520 ↑3.39% $1.52M EOS $2.52 ↑2.86% $525,780 REP $13.17 ↑1.86% $447,097 ZEC $42.3 ↓0.49% $397,326 DASH $73.6 ↑0.86% $307,079 ETC $6.17 ↑0.65% $171,073 ATOM $2.54 ↓3.61% $106,637 QTUM $1.49 ↑2.05% $88,765 GNO $19.70 ↑3.79% $24,782 DOGE $0.0025 ↑0.65% $8,519 MLN $2.99 ↑2.40% $5,943 Visit the About section on

Why Traditional Investors Are Slowly Turning to Bitcoin

While COVID-19 has grabbed the headlines throughout the globe, within the Bitcoin community, the halving has taken center stage. Before the world plunged into social and economic turmoil, the

Betting Pioneers LuckyBit Offer Winnings Up To 15BTC With New Real-Time Interactive Dice Game

Place/Date: Curacao – May 13th, 2020 at 5:58 pm UTC · 3 min read Contact: Martin Prinosil, Source: LuckyBit The crypto gambling landscape in 2013 mostly consisted of Satoshidice.

Stellar Cryptocurrency Prints a “TD9:” Here’s Why It Means More Upside is Likely

The cryptocurrency known as Stellar has been a relatively poor performer over the last several years, however, throughout 2020 the once-booming altcoin has been showing signs of a strong

Sony (SNE) Stock Down 5%, PlayStation 5 on Track for 2020 Holiday Season

Sony (SNE) stock is down nearly 5%. The company reported a 57% drop in fiscal fourth-quarter operating profit but claims PlayStation 5 is still on track for the 2020

$200M Worth of BTC Removed From Exchanges Post-Halving

Following Bitcoin’s third block halving on May 11, users removed 23,540 Bitcoins (BTC) from online exchanges. This appears to indicate heightened levels of confidence in the asset. It also

Indian Company to Offer Innovative Crypto Ecosystem with Unique Payment Features

The Bintex Futures ecosystem provides the BintexPay payment system, which offers an authentic token, e-wallet, and chip cards. Bintex Futures, an Indian crypto startup, has introduced a brand-new approach