The Dated Private Banking and 220 Bank’s Role in It

The “in” group. Part of a team. Working with your peers. These are all things we hear growing up that we need to associate ourselves with to be part

Blockchain infrastructure platform Blockdaemon raises $5.5M » CryptoNinjas

Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure platform for node management serving institutions and developers, today announced a strategic funding round of $5.5 million from leading venture capital (VC) firms focused on

The Bitcoin Halving is Over: What’s Next?

  After weeks, months, or perhaps even years of anticipation, the Bitcoin halving is over. As of approximately 3:21 p.m EST, the Bitcoin mining reward was cut in half,

Crypto Valley Association hosting digital fireside chat on Bitcoin halving » CryptoNinjas

The Crypto Valley Association (CVA), the Swiss-based cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem, announced today it will host a special Bitcoin Halving event titled ‘Half is More’ this Thursday, May

LATOKEN lists KingCasino, Beer Money, MegaLTR, and Krios

We are excited to announce KingCasino, Beer Money, MegaLTR, and Krios who have joined our platform — these projects have valuable ideas and strong communities. We prioritise adding high-promising

Bitcoin News Summary – May 11, 2020

 Bitcoin’s price dropped by 15% on Sunday just 2 days before the block reward halving. The unexpected drop is likely to have caught many traders off guard and

Bitcoin Suisse announces Series A capital raise » CryptoNinjas

Bitcoin Suisse, a Swiss-based crypto financial services and technology provider, today announced its Series A and first-ever capital raise. A total of 20% of shares in BTCS Holding AG,

Hard Fork vs Soft Fork Explained – Changelly

Changelly is watching cryptocurrency development closely as the year 2020 is going to be rich for blockchain events like BTC halving, the launch of new coins, and forks. We’ve

Just a Little Lower? Kraken Releases April 2020 Bitcoin Volatility Report

VIP clients are the first to receive Kraken Intelligence reports. If you’d like early access to our latest research, sign up to trade with us today or ask your

Kraken’s VR Halving Party: The Full Lineup Revealed + RSVP Instructions

The date is set, the place is cyberspace.   Kraken is excited to reveal the complete lineup for our ‘Block Drop VR Halving Party,’ an all-star event that will include