How To Mine Beam Cryptocurrency — Changelly


Every year there are more and more new promising projects appearing in the crypto community. Previous years were significant as the crypto world met various altcoins, for example, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, Beam, Grin, and many others.

Being interested in anything cutting-edge, Changelly is following the development of Beam crypto. In this article, we have checked the best way to mine Beam and written an easy guide that will help you to receive a reward for doing it. 

What Is Beam Coin

January 2019 stood out by the emergence of two new cryptocurrencies Grin and Beam. Both altcoins run on the Mimblewimble protocol, characterized by an increased degree of anonymity and scalability and reduced blockchain size. That is why both cryptos are often compared. Beam crypto is encoded in C++ and uses the BeamHashII algorithm. Beam coins are resistant to ASICs.

Due to the Mimblewimble Protocol, which gets rid of most transaction data, the blockchain remains private and accessible….

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