Kraken Daily Market Report for August 01 2020



  • Total trading volume at $376.1 million, which is over 3 times higher than the average Saturday volume (avg. taken over last four months).
  • Trading volume surged as Bitcoin flirted with $12,000. These levels were briefly touched in early August of 2019, but have otherwise not been seen since early 2018. Ethereum (+12% over USD) also reached levels untouched since July of 2018.
  • KAVA was down 0.4%, DAI down 0.2%, but all other cryptos posted great returns over USD; including, Zcaash (+20%), Dogecoin (+15%), Dash (+13%), and Ripple (+12%). Ripple trading volume beat out Tether, Link, and Cardano to return to the the third most traded crypto (a spot it held for for several months during early 2020).

August 01, 2020 
 $376.1M traded across all markets today

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