Metis Prepares to Launch Testnest for Layer-Two Ethereum Solution


Metis can drastically decrease the wait time between layer-two and layer-one network communications.

As the most widely adopted decentralized smart contract platform, Ethereum is a dApp powerhouse, but it has become a victim of its own success. Metis is launching a layer-two solution on top of the Ethereum network to mitigate these problems, eliminating high transaction fees and slow transaction times with a more efficient alternative. Metis has released the details behind its Metis Rollup and Alpha testnest, bringing the market one step closer to a highly usable and scalable option.

Meet Metis

Metis will allow defi projects to test and manage their dApps through a new network layer, offering developers much greater capabilities than are currently available. With the opportunity to test their application in a more functional environment, dev teams can get a clearer picture of how their dApp is performing and where there’s scope for improvement. This will not only make dApp…

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