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If Blockchain is the biggest revolution that the world is talking about, then smart contracts are the key contributors to the same. These are the new world of the digital revolution, which are bringing with them a completely new way of executing agreements. Smart contracts are revolutionary tools. These are pre-programmed digital contracts run on Blockchain platforms. They are known to have pre-decided terms and conditions, and the execution takes place once the conditions are met. Since there is no third-party involvement, they save a lot of money and time. These have the power to improve the existing solution without any threat to the legal system.

There are a number of smart contracts that are currently working, but here we will be highlighting five popular ones.

Best 5 Smart Contract Platforms:

1. Ethereum — It is an open-source platform that is not only a cryptocurrency but also offers a platform for decentralized application development of dApps. It is the world’s leading

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