Unique Blockchain Project that Explores Tokenization of Education Sector


The entire ecosystem is powered by the STC token, which is the utility currency of the platform. It is an ERC-20 token that is built to offer transparency, fast payments, and regular dividends to users. 

Blockchain is a unique innovation that has resulted in a multi-billion dollar industry centered around building novel innovations. As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has led the charge proving that money can be transferred without using traditional payment means. 

Ethereum took the mantle and expanded the possibilities with smart contracts where projects are built on blockchain technology. This further resulted in tokenization that is currently the rave in the blockchain industry. 

Tokenization changes the existing status quo and opens up new investment opportunities for investors. This is the core feature of the innovative blockchain project Student Coin, which takes it to the next level. Student Coin provides a platform for designing, creating and managing personal, NFT, and…

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