Why Cross-Chain Money Market Token HARD Is Undervalued


For those holding HARD, it is not just the governance of Hard protocol that is at stake. Controlling the economic makeup of Hard’s forecasted $3 billion valued platform and implementing a 1% fee policy could generate around $30 million to HARD holders.

It is no more news that a growing number of crypto participants have begun to identify and incorporate DeFi for its high yield earning benefit. A significant percentage of this growth hinges on the modalities of money markets and how it provides impactful and applicable financial models that dwarf the earnings from traditional alternatives. As expected, developers have begun to tinker with this financial application for even more advanced functionalities, compatibility, and mouthwatering yields. And thanks to this drive, this year has birthed successful DeFi-based lending and borrowing protocols.

While each of the existing money market options has its unique selling point, we could not help but notice a compelling narrative brewing…

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