Your Passwords Could Be For Sale on the Dark Web Right Now


A recent study revealed that over 15 billion credentials are in circulation via the dark web, representing a 300% increase since 2018. Available information ranges from network access credentials, banking login data, and even streaming services accounts from Netflix.

According to research conducted by the cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows, part of the leaked data is even circulating for free.

The report warns that the reason that so many account credentials are available online is that people are using non-complex passwords that can be easily brute-forced using hacking tools.

Access to corporate networks as an open door for ransomware attacks

Among the most valuable leaked credentials include access to corporate networks. This data type can fetch prices of up to $120,000, and have an average cost of $3,139, depending on factors like the company’s revenue.

The circulation of such data implies that ransomware gangs may use such access to infiltrate an entire network. This would allow…

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